Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Befehlspanzerwagen 38(t), Just a few more tweaks...

Hi all,

just a few more tweaks and I call this one complete. I still need to paint the MG and add some details to the Rahmenantenne.

I had some issues with this model. It all started as a test for the hairspray technique, so I took an old model of mine and started repainting it. I always had in mind that this is just a test, and probably I won't finish it. That's why I didn't care about a lot of things like fine chipping of the basecoat for example. After spending a few hours on the whitewash I started to like the model and started to add all the stuff I should have taken care previously. This caused a lot of trouble but finally I managed to achieve the look I was aiming for. I'm really looking forward to start my next paint job from scratch :)

So stay tuned, pics of the final model will follow soon...

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