Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trumpeter KV-1 (Model 1942) Heavy Cast Turret Tank

After a few month break from modeling I wanted a simple kit to get back to business.

Trumpeters KV-1 was almost perfect for this. A quick build and beside Friul tracks, some Aber PE for the meshes and a quick rework of the cast texture on the turret I kept it out of the box. Because I didn't liked the empty motor deck I added a Maxim machine gun from Tank and a tarpaulin made from Magicsculpt.
Here the final tank, primed with Tamiya superfine straight from the can. Also note that I changed the layout of the tarpaulin during the project.
Acrylic basecoat and kit Decals added, using Hobby Color FS 34102After that two thin layers of hairspray, followed by Lifecolor matt white. A damp brush, toothpick and an old toothbrush were used to get rid of the white paint. Lifecolor Matte White was also used for the first mapping.Added washes made from oil and MIGs ready to use filters. Different colored pigments were used to build up the mud. I call this one complete, although I could still spend some more hours on tweaking smaller things.

But I want to move on to my next already started project.

Hope you like it,