Thursday, June 17, 2010

German KV-1 with Pz. IV tracks - Part 04 -

A short update on my KV-1.

I managed to put some color to the engine compartment. In the final model only the middle section will be seen.
The final weathering and wiring is still missing, I think I will go ahead first and come back once I’m sure about the overall weathering of the vehicle.

Hope you like it,

German Char B1, Eastern front - Part 02-

Hi guys!

Before I will leave for a 2 week trip to France (a visit in Samur is also planed) I want to show you some progress.

As I’m a lazy guy and endless chipping is not my cup of tea I used the HS technique to speed up things.
The whitewash will cover almost all the work anyway ;)

First a layer of dark brown to represent steel:

Some HS was applied- thanks to my girlfriend…

I mixed a cold and dark grey as base color:

Some light chipping, decals and a new layer of HS:

Followed by Tamiya White and some light scrubbing with an old brush:

Looks quite boring now, but this was just the beginning....
Now it's time for the part I like most,

Hope you like it!