Monday, September 28, 2009

German KV-1 with Pz. IV tracks - Part 02 -

Hi guys,

please excuse my long abstinence from modeling.
Lots of thing changed during the last month, I moved to new city and started a new job.

After these busy days I finally got back to my workbench. Here you can see the current status of the KV.

There are still some parts missing, like the wall between the engine and the transmission, and various wires and tubes.
I will add those details after I painted the main modules. This is the first time that I’m painting an engine so I’m really curious if I get all that metal shades right.

But first the parts, here we go:

The green parts are from the Revell KV kit, the bright parts are scratch and the resin ones are from the old Verlinden KV engine set. The transmission and brake parts are from AFV’s T-34. (All details are fixed with Blue-tac).

Here you can see the Verlinden engine with some added details. This detail set was made for the Tamiya kit and has some major issues. The KV and T-34 engines were V 12 engines, Verlinden shows just 10. There are also a lot of things missing, and because you won’t see much of these issues I didn’t correct everything. I should also mention that it doesn’t represent a full engine, as you see in the picture it’s just the upper section, without any real dept. To bring it to right position and still keep it removable I simply glued some plastic tubes at the bottom of the element.

Now it’s time for color.

As my airbrush collected dust over the last two month I picked an old model from my shelf. I build this SU-100 about one year ago but never painted it. Because of the green main color it was the perfect choice to get back into business. The last two days I applied the main color and played around with oils. My main inspiration was a captured SU-100 from the 4.Pz.Div. in 1945.

I tried several new things with this model. It was the first time that I aimed for a rich and colorful base coat and so far I used exclusively oils for the chipping and weathering.

It’s far from being finished and I tried the new techniques only at some spots, like the engine deck.

Till now I had lots of fun with this beast and I will try to finish it during the next construction phase on the KV.

It’s good to smell glue and thinner again.
Thanks for watching!