Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Befehlspanzerwagen 38(t) Update: crew belongings

Just a short update, I worked on the crew belongings.

I also worked with the HS method on this parts.
Base colors, next time I will work with a darker, more brownish color:

After the HS I applied the base coat. I also tryed to work with different shades of gray:

Water and a stiff brush was used to get rid of the previous applied layer:

And the stuff after weathering- ready to find its place on the vehicle:


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Befehlspanzerwagen 38(t)

Hi all,

I built this one 2 years ago and finished it in overall darkgray. I never liked the result of the first paint job, and now in my "whitewash fever" I decided to take this model and start the airbrush ones more.

Here the original model (Rahmenantenne removed for better handling during the painting process)

After a layer of HS I added a thin layer of acrylic white:

Getting rid of the white wash with a stiff brush and water:

And this is the progress so far. I added darkbrown washes and a first mapping:

Still a lot to come...

Hope you like it,

Monday, May 11, 2009

Playing around with the Hairspray technique

Since my last built I'm really interested into the whole whitewash thing. I did several experiments and want to share my results with you:

- I found out that the most important factors are amount of HS and amount of the top color layer.
- More HS means bigger chips
- I did several test and it seems that the longer you leave the top layer, the harder it will be to remove.
- The surface has a slight impact as well, on glossy surfaces the paint is easier to remove.
- The difference between a matt or semi glossy surface is minor

Here some pictures:

A couple of styrene shets were primed with black primer from GW:

Lifecolor grey as base coat applied:

Hairspray applied, for better control I spray the HS with my airbrush:

Top layer of Tamiya white, thinned with water.

You can see clearly the difference between the samples.
Less HS means smaller chips (good suited for rust, on some areas effect similar to dry brushing)