Monday, November 8, 2010

German Char B1, Eastern front - Part 03-

Hi all!

Life is busy, but I also found time to play around with my airbrush.
Find below some in progress pictures of my Char. My goal is to finish this baby within the next weeks. There are still some things to do, I’m not fully satisfied with the rust on the exhausts and the weathering of the turret and upper hull still needs some tweaks.

Hope you like it,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

German KV-1 with Pz. IV tracks - Part 04 -

A short update on my KV-1.

I managed to put some color to the engine compartment. In the final model only the middle section will be seen.
The final weathering and wiring is still missing, I think I will go ahead first and come back once I’m sure about the overall weathering of the vehicle.

Hope you like it,

German Char B1, Eastern front - Part 02-

Hi guys!

Before I will leave for a 2 week trip to France (a visit in Samur is also planed) I want to show you some progress.

As I’m a lazy guy and endless chipping is not my cup of tea I used the HS technique to speed up things.
The whitewash will cover almost all the work anyway ;)

First a layer of dark brown to represent steel:

Some HS was applied- thanks to my girlfriend…

I mixed a cold and dark grey as base color:

Some light chipping, decals and a new layer of HS:

Followed by Tamiya White and some light scrubbing with an old brush:

Looks quite boring now, but this was just the beginning....
Now it's time for the part I like most,

Hope you like it!


Monday, May 31, 2010

German Char B1, Eastern front - Part 01-

Hi all!

When I came across a unique and cool looking picture of a whitwashed German B1 fighting on the eastern front I knew I had to build it!

I've used the Lion Roar set and some scratch build items to create the look this beasts had during the eastern campaign.
Should be fun to play around with hairspray on all that flat panels.

But, now back to my KV-1!
Hope you like it,


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

German KV-1 with Pz. IV tracks - Part 03 -

During the last weeks I started to add some color to the interior.
I'm not sure about the result so far, so any suggestions are highly appreciated.

The turret interior will just be visible trough the main hatch, so I tried to work with a lot of contrast.
Still some tweaks needed, I will add some smaller oil stains and even more dirt and some crew belongings to the interior as well.

Here we go:

Here you can see some of the still missing interior parts:

Hope you like it,
expect the next update soon…

Cheers Manuel